NaturalPhil in South Korea

The landscape, the culture, the food, the nightlife...there is so much to say about my recent stay in South Korea. The audience was great and the experience was amazing. Check a few pics and video clips from a concert in Seol, South Korea.

Before Or After - Behind The Scenes with F8te

F8te, aka Veit Renn, is a singer/songwriter that has written and produced songs for Jennifer Hudson, N Sync, Backstreet Boys and many more . Fate released his debut Album "Overdue" in March on his label Celerity Records. The album features a mixture of Pop and R&B/Soul which reflects his lifelong love for artists like Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Eric Benet, Musiq Souldchild and Mint Condition, just to name a few. 

"This Video was shot during the recording of the rhythm section and vocal session. It shows the flow of some of the most incredible musicians in our area, Derrick J Harvin, Jamaal Andrews and NaturalPhil playing with F8te on vocals and guitar." 

You can download the album at and also on itunes.

It only takes "One Hit Song"

Honestly, it only takes one hit song to launch you to the level you dream about. As an artist/musician and songwriter its easy to get caught up in the difficulties, disappointments and ideals that you have for your 'perfect' career path, but maturity teaches an expert class on how life doesn't happen as planned. We just have to roll with what we are determined to accomplish and not give too much over to the mountains that we run into on the path to the top. Go around, them, knock them down, climb over them, find a cave and walk through them, what ever it takes, just so long as we remember that our goal is to get to the other side.

This inspirational post was inspired by the a success story that I read about one of the hottest, most in-demand, writing/production teams in the business, titled Matrix from Song Writer Universe. Their lasting comment was, "It that just goes to show, that if you keep working hard, it can turn around with one hit song,' said Edwards. 'You have to keep the faith, and keep writing. It all turns around.'

It's 2014, Let's Go! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I'm looking forward to a few BIG plans in the New Year...

Thank all of you who have supported and inspired me throughout the year! Your support has motivated me in more ways than you know.

Looking back at 2013, I...

  • Formed a band, NP Article, that became the staple band for Bar Louie
  • Became an endorser of Amedia Cymbals
  • Represented Amedia Cymbals at NAAM
  • My family and I was featured in Parents Magazine
  • Judged the 2013 Guitar Center Drum Off in Orlando
  • Grew my fan base in the UK by over 45%, it's my second largest fan base (next to the US).
  • Now have followers in 45 countries including Greece, Egypt and Hong!
  • Accepted the position to Manage the B.B. King Holland America Band...hence my new year cruise ship view.
  • Recognize the release of two singles, "ONE DAY" and "Dream Honest" as my biggest personal accomplishment. If you haven't already, you can download them here.
dream+honest+cover (1).jpg

[Hopefully, I didn't leave anything out.]

Looking forward , I...

I plan to release more music, make many more videos and form new exciting collaborations! This is going to be an awesome year! As things unfold, you'll be the first to know. STAY TUNED!


Phil “NaturalPhil” Johnson featured in Modern Drummer Magazine

NaturalPhil (Phil Johnson) is honored to be featured in Modern Drummer Magazine, the worlds largest drum magazine in the world. You can read this article and check out his playing here in collaboration with fellow Mood Designer, DJ M-Squared.

To read more on NaturalPhil and how this Drummer/DJ Collaboration came about read the full Modern Drummer feature article.

Compared by many to Travis BarkerDJAM / TRV$DJAM, to see the video teaser Click Here.

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