Someone I will always wish were here, someone I will never let go of, and someone that I will always remember.

There is no way to explain the place she has in my heart. It's more to me than motherhood in it's most simplistic way or friendship; she is literally a part of who I am. It is so special that God created us with the same passions and I often wonder how it would be if she were here. No intention pondering too much on the "ifs" and "wishes" , but I just cannot get passed the thought.

She considered what she had something special, a gift from God. She knew when I was very young that I too would inherit the love of music and drumming. I will never again be able to sit Indian-style on the living room floor watching her practice single stroke rolls across the toms, watch her from an audience or play next to her. I cannot reach out and place a gift in her hand, but I hope to honor her physical absence in all that I do and am. This tribute to Joselyn Wiggs-Johnson is the gem of the site.

I honor you and your dedication to God, family, music and life! Where it all started.

Love you mom!