The Mood Designers Performing During Something in the Water Music Festival

The Mood Designers have a unique opportunity to perform at Cocos on The Beach Live Music Venue (perviously known as Shakas Live on Atlantic Ave.) during the Something in the Water Music Festival!

This adds to my excitement to just attend the music festival, but to come home and perform during this iconic event is priceless. There are a ton of moving parts that need to take place so stay tuned for updates.

Chances are, if you’re reading this you know me (NaturalPhil) as one 1/2 of The Mood Designers Duo. Check out a glimpse of who we are here; making history: The Mood Designers with CFCArts 100 piece Symphony Orchestra

UPDATE: April 23, 2019

The Mood Designers will not be performing at Cocos on the Beach during the Something In The Water Music Festival this year. Due to the amount of moving parts with the short notice and the possible bad weather on Friday. However, we are looking forward to potentially performing at the actual Festival stage next year! Let’s go!