It only takes "One Hit Song"

Honestly, it only takes one hit song to launch you to the level you dream about. As an artist/musician and songwriter its easy to get caught up in the difficulties, disappointments and ideals that you have for your 'perfect' career path, but maturity teaches an expert class on how life doesn't happen as planned. We just have to roll with what we are determined to accomplish and not give too much over to the mountains that we run into on the path to the top. Go around, them, knock them down, climb over them, find a cave and walk through them, what ever it takes, just so long as we remember that our goal is to get to the other side.

This inspirational post was inspired by the a success story that I read about one of the hottest, most in-demand, writing/production teams in the business, titled Matrix from Song Writer Universe. Their lasting comment was, "It that just goes to show, that if you keep working hard, it can turn around with one hit song,' said Edwards. 'You have to keep the faith, and keep writing. It all turns around.'